Hi! I am Rui Lu

I am a service design student currently based in London. I am a team player who is passionate, curious, innovative as well as good at analytical and critical thinking.

About Me

Passionate & Curious

I am passionate about design, and the curiosity drives me to explore several design fields and to collaborate with people from different backgrounds, in order to better solve problems and create value. Having majored in BEng Industrial Design and currently studying in MA Service Experience Design and Innovation, I have experiences in service design, experience design, cultural innovation, innovation for the future governance, ethnography research, product design, UX/UI design and interaction design. These experiences enable me to think holistically and provide new insights for the team.

Analytical & Critical

I am good at analytical and critical thinking. This refers to that I always think with the help of service design tools like persona, user journey map, service blueprint, business model canvas and etc. Also, I am used to synthesizing research insights and feedbacks given by clients or users, which inspires me and leads to the more preferable outcome. Meanwhile, I often try to reflect on the design processes and question some of the decisions made, in order to get a clear consensus among the team, avoid neglecting some possibilities and provide suggestions for the team to go further.

A Good Team Player

I am confident about my teamwork skills, which I have learnt through the coursework and extracurricular workshops I have attended. All of the assignments in my MA degree are teamwork except for the Major Project, during which I teamed up with people from different background, ages and nationalities. Also, I have attended workshops like Design Council “Aging Well” workshop and bamboo workshop, as well as SURF research fellowship.

Have Good Communication & Public Speaking Skills

I gained good communication and public speaking skills through workshop experiences, street interviews, and in-class presentations. Not only do I feel confident to express my ideas, but also I enjoy listening to different people`s stories and ideas while dealing with a design problem. This is valuable to guarantee that the design solution will create value for users.