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Our job in “the Future of Government 2030+” is mainly “ideation and prototyping”.


The JRC EU POLICY LAB has run a series of citizens’ workshops in six European Member States (Austria, Ireland, Malta, Poland, Spain, Sweden) plus a workshop with international civil society organizations, trade unions and think tanks (between November 2017 and March 2018, about 130 participants) to understand societal actors’ future relationships and future needs on government in 2030+. This research has been reported as three future scenarios and personas, among which our group choose the scenario of “citizen centric Hyper E-Government” and the persona of “Daniel”. Moreover, we also address one Camden Challenge which is “unemployment”.




Foresight: develop visions of possible & preferable futures
Constructive Design, Participatory Design: imagine new realities and build them to see whether they work
Speculative Design: do not to accept existing constraints

Applying New Technologies

 1) AI: The term “artificial intelligence” is applied when a machine mimics “cognitive” functions that humans associate with other human minds, such as “learning” and “problem solving” (Russell, 2009).
2) VR: An entirely unreal 3d environment that you can “enter”.
3) IE: The feeling of being totally immersed in the virtual environment and thus disconnected from “real” reality, but with the capability to touch and affect the same virtual environment through actions.
4) SG: Serious gamification is a simulation that has added elements of game for a primary purpose, such as a story, tasks/goals, feedback and play.


What if the government uses the ‘Immersive Serious Gamification (ISG)’ to involve citizens in decision making in 2030+?

  • What if every citizen could have the opportunity to immerse themselves into a Virtual Reality to simulate policy making so influencing the government future assets?
  • What if, doing so, we could understand previously and more accurately which actions could bring the world to the desired future scenario?

Proposed Decision Making Model Supported by the ISG

GDF__Decision making model


Prototype – video

00:00 – 00:49 Chosen future scenario given by JRC
00:50 – 01:55 Proposition of our new model of governance for decision making
01:56 – 02:24 Chosen persona given by JRC – Daniel
02:25 – 04:15 Daniel`s future scenario (Recommended for watching)

Individual Blogpost – global design trends for the governance (Read More)

Changed Roles​​​​​​​ of the Government and Citizens

GDF__Changed roles
The government will act as facilitator and co-creator of policies since their employees would play more a role of managers than politicians. Government itself have the duty to share city’s data-sets in an immersive way, hence engaging people in decision making more proactively.
Citizens will be both key players in ISG as well contributors in the decision making process. They will make the human factor more predictable in already tested situations that might happen in a possible future.